Detroit Audio Lab



Mike Bauer

Detroit Audio Lab was founded to make a the environment, to local economies, communities, and customers. In collaboration with local suppliers, Detroit Audio Lab transforms reclaimed wood and sustainable materials into state-of-the-art audio products.


With Detroit Audio Lab, Mike Bauer, founder and CEO, has leveraged over 40 years of global business experience to bring audio manufacturing “back home”. While working with some of the world’s largest and most successful manufacturing businesses—developing strategies, managing operations, and creating supply chains—Mike witnessed time and again the economic and individual benefits of local manufacturing. This culminated in a desire to create those opportunities at home. With its rich history of manufacturing, music and audio (and as a metro-Detroiter himself), Mike knew Detroit was the perfect place to start. Detroit Audio Lab proudly sells premium audio equipment—locally designed, engineered, and hand-constructed.



Karen Schaefer

Vice-President of Operations. Her background is process engineering and communication consulting in the manufacturing industry. She was born in Detroit, will never forget its vibrance and vitality, and is excited to be contributing to the new, revitalized Detroit.



Our key partners are Michigan-based companies that deliver high-quality products and services.


Architectural Salvage Warehouse  

The Architectural Salvage Warehouse of Detroit (ASWD), a nonprofit salvage and resale organization, was started in response to the tremendous amount of waste being generated in the demolition of houses in Detroit and its suburbs.

ASWD decided on a mission to save what it could of our historic regional materials, to salvage perfectly good architectural materials and put them in the hands of those who can use them and to create jobs and training for those interested in learning the skills of deconstruction.


Gyro Creative

Gyro is a strategy and design collective for brands.  

Gyro and Detroit Audio Lab clicked immediately. Two passionate and energetic teams of entrepreneurs working side by side focusing on corporate strategy and brand

Gyro is diverse team of strategists, designers, writers, developers and entrepreneurs with backgrounds that span all areas of the globe, experience and passion in fine arts, music, film, architectural design, linguistics and anthropology. 




Meniscus is located in Grand Rapids, MI—“Furniture City” at one time. It was true, until they cut down all the trees! But the old furniture factories remain and Meniscus Audio is happy to be located in one of the oldest on the NW side of town.

Twenty-five years ago, Meniscus Audio started out as a hobby gone wild. With a classified ad in Audio and Stereo Review Magazine and a 6-page photo copied catalog, Meniscus Audio was on its way.

The goal of Meniscus Audio is, “Giving you the personalized ingredients for having a good time in the pursuit of enjoying music.”

MB Electronic Design

MB Electronic Design is a leader in the field of advanced electronic engineering and design.